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Buckwheat Blossom Farm

Core Spun Rug Wool

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One of the most satisfying projects is to crochet a rug, chair pads, or a basket with this wool.  With a size "Q" crochet hook, it works up very fast, but you can also knit or weave with it.  The wool is from Navajo Churro sheep raised at a local Maine farm where Jeff shears.  We are grateful to the Navajo people for creating such a hardy, resilient, beautiful little breed of sheep and for keeping them going in the face of many obstacles.  The wool is strong, and it doesn't shed or pill, making it ideal for rugs. It is a little too coarse for blankets. 

This core spun wool is created by spinning the wool around a cotton twine, so projects made out of it have more structure and won't stretch out.  We are thrilled to have it spun right here in Maine!

Yards: 50

Width of wool: about 1/2 inch