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Buckwheat Blossom Farm

Sheep Skin

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Authentic and Naturally Tanned

Each one of our sheep skins is from an animal that grew up foraging, living, and breathing on our land here in rural Maine.  Amy scrapes and salts each hide at the farm and puts care into trimming it into an appealing shape.  She then ships the hides to Driftless Traditional Tannery, where they clean the wool and finish the tanning process, also all by hand and without the use of chemicals. The end result is an authentic, stunning natural product with unique coloring and texture and infused with great care.

You'll find that each skin is incredibly soft, durable, and versatile.  It is an heirloom wonderful as a bedside rug, on a couch, to create a cozy reading nook for children, and to transform a wooden rocking chair into the most comfortable chair in the house.  Sheepskins are also ideal for chairs you may use frequently, such as an office chair or the driver’s seat of your car, because not only does the structure of the wool distribute weight evenly, it is also breathable and helps to moderate body temperature.  

Because each sheep skin is unique, we will list them for sale individually when they return from the tannery.  Colors vary, including white, cream, brown, and an amazing array of naturally grays, some are even multi-colored!  You will have your choice of sizes and shapes with different wool lengths and textures available.  Price will vary depending on size, wool type, and coloring, ranging from $175-$450 (most around $300).