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Buckwheat Blossom Farm

Maine Wool Farm Socks

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Quality and Durability: We carefully hand-pick the wool that goes into our Farm Socks.  All the wool is from our farm and other Maine Farms whose sheep Jeff shears, ensuring the sheep are well-cared for and the wool is of a high quality.  The socks have 15% nylon added to the wool for durability and elasticity.

Sizing: please find the shoe size below to determine which socks to order, but also keep in mind if you like your socks to fit a little tighter or looser.  Socks stretch and wool has great elasticity, or "memory", so there is flexibility in the sizing (as opposed to shoes!).

Small socks are about 11" tall from the base of the heel, mediums 11.5", and large and XL are about 13" tall.

Small: women's  4-6.5

Medium: women's  7-9.5; men's 6-8

Large: women's  10-11; men's 8.5-10.5

XL: men's 11-14

Care Instructions: Customers are often embarrassed to admit to me how seldom they wash their Farm Socks.  They have discovered one of the miracles of wool: because it's naturally anti-bacterial and readily takes on and releases moisture, real wool socks don't NEED to be washed as often as other socks!  But, when the time comes, just machine wash cold/cold or warm/warm (don't change the temp between wash and rinse!) in a washing machine on wool, hand wash, or delicate cycle only, or hand wash.  Line dry or lay flat to dry.  Wool shrinks with agitation or change in water temperature.